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Tromp Bakery Equipment offers production lines and equipment for Cake and Biscuits. All our Cake & Biscuit Lines are designed according the highest HACCP / USDA standards. The equipment, conveyors and tools are easy to dismount (without tools) and made of high quality stainless steel. All controls are computerized and operated by means of one or more Touch Screen Control Panels.

The Tromp Unimac Depositor is unique range of depositing equipment in 3 basic configurations: basic, XL and XXL. The basic configuration is suited for single baking trays and can be integrated in an automatic line. The XL configuration is mounted on a C-frame and can be wheeled over an existing production line or oven belt for direct depositing. The XXL-configuration has a fixed mounting for working widths > 1000 mm. This configuration is also available in as a TWIN-machine; depositing two different dough's at the same time.

The Unimac range is available for the following type of Cookies and Cakes


Deposited Cookies

Sprits appelkoek koekjes koekjes koekje spritskoekje amandelkoekje sprits

Wire Cut Cookies

chocolade koekje koek krakeling koekjes koekjes koeken koeken koeken

Sheeted Cookies

Sheeted cake Sheeted cake Sheeted cake Sheeted cake Sheeted cake Sheeted cake Sheeted cake Sheeted cake Sheeted cake  sheeted cake notenkoek

Sheeted Cakes

sheeted cake sheeted cake

Cupcakes & Muffins

Cake Madeleine Cupcake Cake Cake Cake           

 Formed Cookies

kano boterkoek boterkoek aardbeikoek abrikozenkoek chocoladekoek roze koek roze koek speculaas jodenkoek krakeling appelkoek boterkoek   

In order to produce formed cookies Tromp offers a rotary moulder. The hopper contains the cookie dough and by means of rollers the dough is fed to the rotary drum containing the cookie-form. The dough is pressed into the form and sucked out of the form during the rotation. The cookie is than positioned on the conveyor or baking tray.


roze koeken

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