The decojet series are devices suitable for cutting slits on all kinds of dough for decorative purpose.

The slits are created with small high-pressure water beams cutting through the skin of the dough.

Each decojet has its own pump/operating unit made of stainless steel with overflow protected water reservoir.

The decojet I has a fixed frame built on top of your conveyor and is suitable for cutting straight cuts in the direction of movement of the product. For example pistolets and Italian bread.

The decojet II has a nozzle unit mounted for moving linear with quick precise movements. This machine is suitable for slanting slits with variable angles, straight slits, and crosses. For some types of slits it is necessary to place stoppers in your conveyor to stop the tray when cutting. The stoppers and sensors are controlled by the decojet II. The decojet II is a full programmable machine, and each program is saved on the standard touch screen.

The decojet III is basically the same as the decojet II with an additional second linear. This makes it possible to create all slits on a continuous moving product. This prevents having to stop trays for cutting.